Welcome to the Tullybadger Blog. What you’ll read below is a selection of my daily thoughts in the form of random blogs and short stories. These have been mentally fermented and then beautifully regurgitated into your screen, via the medium of keyboard chunder. If you’re just here for the short stories, you can find them on the hyperlinks below.

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First Draft ✅

Bonjour. So, as promised I didn’t write another blog post. Four whole months later and I’m back, to tell you, I can really shake that… no no that. I’m here to tell you that I wrote the first draft of a screen play. Bosh! Now I just need to redraft it, then redraft some more…Continue Reading

A note to self?

Good morning you beautiful people. I’ve been absent for a short while. Took a six weeks holiday to spend time on the farm with family. Sal wanted to go home for part of her maternity leave, so off we went. Packed up the car, inserted Tiny T and the Woofer into said car… ‘so longContinue Reading

An Emotional Retraction to the Norm.

It’s weird how you change when you have a child. I’ve always been quite emotionally detached… comes with the job. I’ve seen a lot of death, grief and suffering thus far in my career. It’s rarely fair and frequently heartbreaking. I’ve seen those who were ready to die but weren’t allowed. I’ve seen those whoContinue Reading

All the Gear, a Vague Idea.

You ever have a child and wonder what you did before they came along? I’m at that moment now. Having spent the last year in and out of lockdown, I struggle to remember how I actually filled my time. Now I can’t remember having time, free time, to do with as I please. Life nowContinue Reading

“The Vegans are coming!”

It’s a weird concept being allergic to Cows milk protein. I suppose it’s more of a weird concept that we actually drink cow’s milk in the first place. Vegans Unite! Not really, I do love dairy. It’d be the one thing I’d struggle to give up. Not even milk, it’s the cheese and yogurt I’dContinue Reading

Say No to undigested cow’s milk protein.

Cows Milk Allergy. Abdominal pain, Eczma, Congested breathing, reflux/vomiting, sneezing etc. We read the list and it’s everything baby T has. He came off the breast after five weeks, for which he’d been a mixture of breast and formula. Sal had still found the breast feeding uncomfortable, even at 5 weeks in, and he wasContinue Reading

PPI anyone? (Proton pump inhibitor that is)

Welcome to 2021, it’s much the same as 2020. We are already back in lockdown not a week into it. We spent the new year watching Britain’s angriest orphan shoot people on tv (Skyfall) before popping Jools Holland on to see in the new year. I doubt the man has ever had as good aContinue Reading

All I want for Christmas is some sleep.

It’s Christmas Day, Tiny T is Six weeks old and I’m struggling. It’s an awful thing to write but I’m not enjoying this experience. Tiny T is a colicky child and as a result, he screams. Fuck me does he scream. He looks to be in pain when he’s feeding. He’s on lactase drops, Infacol,Continue Reading